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Three Dreams for the New Year

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

The first dream:

I was in my home, and a masked man (spirit of fear) entered. I remember feeling afraid and noticing the gun he had. I picked up the phone to try to call a friend, and he tried to keep me from calling. I realized suddenly (some kind of divine insight) that his gun was powerless. He had no ammo. He only wanted to use it to scare me so that he could control what I could and couldn’t do. As I realized that I woke.

The second dream:

I was with a group of brilliant inventors and entrepreneurs. We were locked on a campus and told we could not leave. The people who had originally invited us there were now trying to hold us hostage. Myself and another girl decided to make a run for it and escape. We drove and made it home. A few minutes later a car pulls up and the people who had held up hostage get out. Afraid, we hide. They find our hiding spot, and tell us, “congratulations. You have won your freedom. You could have left at any time. All that is keeping anyone there are empty words.” They left, and I woke.

The third dream:

A group and myself are served a new kind of sushi. As I investigate it, I notice a button. It opens and is robotic- it’s not really a food at all. I don’t eat it. I realize (some kind of divine revelation) that if we eat what we’ve been served then we will open up access to our lives to potentially bad people. I also realize in the group are many influential people. As I pick up the phone and they run to stop me, I am totally calm, knowing that as soon as the others in the group know the plan, it has lost its power. The knowledge breaks the power of the plan.

Relevance for this year:

There is a spirit of fear operating through influential people that is attempting to keep people separated and cut off communication within the body. The truth, however, is that it cannot touch you! Fear is using empty words to keep us held back from truly stepping out into our callings. These words, threats, and fears look different for different people. Fear is attempting to come against inventions, ideas, businesses, and the church. BUT God. In this new year, it is vital to KNOW that this is the plan of the enemy, and to KNOW that his threats are empty.

Just like my second dream- Church, nothing is holding you back! It’s empty words! Step out! Break free! You are on the brink of new discoveries, new unity, new levels of advancement for the gospel. Don’t be held back by empty threats, but be bold and obedient as the Lord calls you out on the waters! 2021 is the year of pushing past what looks like the limits.

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