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The Day is Coming

Recently in worship I was closing my eyes, and I got an image of standing in front of a big window. “What do you see?”, asked the Lord.

It was dark outside, so I honestly replied “nothing”. Then the sun began to rise so light illuminated the view. God whispered, “If the day hasn’t come yet, you can be looking in the right place and still see nothing.”

There are some of you who are looking out the window. You are waiting and you are watching for the promises of God, and you see NOTHING. You are starting to wonder if you’re even in the right place. If this is you (and the Holy Spirit will confirm for you if it is), God is saying “don’t let the TIMING make you feel like you missed it. You can’t see what’s there UNTIL THE DAY COMES.”

Later that week I was driving down the road, and in our little town we just got a new Arby’s. A new restaurant means traffic issues (gotta love small town life!), so there’s a road sign flashing “Expect delays right lane”. As I read it, it clicked in my spirit as “expect delays even in the right lane”. I thought again of that window vision. You may be in the right lane- going the direction that God is calling you and hitting delays. You’re wondering at this point if it’s a sign to turn around. Know that delays do not necessarily mean you’re on the wrong track.

Don’t let delays make you wander. In a prayer time recently, God showed me a question mark, and an exclamation point. He said “Just like the actual question mark and exclamation points, both questioning and declaring start off at the bottom with the same point. My initial calling or unction. As time goes on, declaring My Word (despite appearances) keeps you traveling down the straight and narrow. Just like an exclamation point, you arrive sooner and don’t deviate off course. Questioning, like a question mark, has the same point at one end. It follows the straight path for a little while, then veers off and comes back around. It’s a longer path, and it ends off course. Questioning does the same thing. When you know that I’ve called you to something, don’t stop short. Don’t veer off course. Don’t quit when it gets hard. Instead, keep declaring. Don’t adjust your course. Keep seeking Me.”

The lack of “results” may NOT be an indicator that your promise isn’t coming. The day may just not have come yet. If God’s confirming this to you, I want to encourage you to finish strong and stay on course because God always finishes what He starts, so long as you will let Him.

“And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.”

Philippians 1:6

Activation Prayer:


I pray that you would set me in position for Your daybreak. Fix my eyes in the right direction and remind me of Your promises. Illuminate areas where the enemy is tempting me to give up before the promise. Help me to have clarity and confidence in your callings this season and to stay in a state of declaration rather than a state of questioning. Confirm to me if delays happening in my “lane” are indicators that I need to move or just attempted deterrents on the way to my destiny. Thank You for all You’ve started and thank You for Your promise to finish all You start.

In the name of Jesus Christ,


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