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Signs of Hope

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

About January or February of this year I had a dream. It’s one that has stuck with me- especially given the events since that time. God has been bringing it to mind again as a word not only for some individuals but also a national word.

The Dream:

I was in my hometown in the US, and I was walking to a doctor’s appointment for a check up. In my dream the doctor was located at a US Embassy that somehow existed in this town even though it’s in the US. The building this took place in is an actual building in the natural that is currently a bank but used to be the original city hall. As I’m crossing the street, a figure dressed officially but slightly undercover (in a suit and trench coat, hat, and sunglasses) escorts me to the door holding a knife up. He made sure I got into the building and was a sort of bodyguard for me. I remember thinking, “oh? I didn’t realize I was in danger?”, but I felt completely safe with him. I get into the building for my check up. I have my baby daughter with me this whole time. Her name means “dawn of joy” and “mouthpiece of God”. As I sit, three people enter the room- all women. One is the doctor, and the other two I guess are nurses. One of the nurses asks me something, but her speech is warbled and almost like she is speaking gibberish. I recognize her in the natural as someone I know who works for an organization called Signs of Hope. I somehow understand that she’s asking me if I’d like apple juice. I look to the other two and ask, “is she asking if I’d like apple juice”. They smile and say, “I think she’s asking if you’d like water”. I remember thinking, “Apple juice would be better for my baby”. Sure enough she does come back with apple juice- I heard correctly. And my check up is done and is a healthy one. The dream ends.

The Interpretation:

One piece at a time I feel the Lord has unraveled this dream to me. These symbols are not universal, but they are the meanings God attached to these things for this specific dream for me.

The check up represents a worldwide health crisis. Everyone is worried about getting the virus which has a strong undertone of fear of death. Everyone is seeking life and HEALING FOR OUR LAND.

This embassy was a place of communication between heaven and earth. In the natural, “an embassy helps to preserve and protect the relationship between the host country and the country represented by that particular embassy office. The embassy can be a point of contact, or base of communication, between two countries.”

Town hall is defined as “a building used for the administration of local government.” Or “an event at which a politician or public official answers questions from members of the public.” As we are bringing our questions about what is happening to the Lord, He is answering. He is ADMINISTERING Heaven’s answers in the mountain of government.

The escort represented angels in disguise on mission to protect. They are armed with the word of God “sharper than a double edge sword”, and His words over His body are His “BODY-GUARD”. The church body is protected as we abide in what He says about us.

Having my daughter represents body the dawn of joy after morning (so HOPE) as well as the prophetic (mouthpiece of God).

The most powerful point of this dream the Lord highlighted to me was the woman associated with SIGNS OF HOPE was HARD TO UNDERSTAND. Right now the Lord is giving us SIGNS OF HOPE. They are hard to see and difficult to understand- especially looking through the lens of the world. It may even lead many to wrong conclusions. But we still have a deep knowing from the Holy Spirit of the hope that we’re called to. It’s not a time to question it- even if others do. We have heard from Him correctly. And what He is offering is not only refreshment and life but is going to be good for the health of the prophetic and will NURTURE HOPE.

Ultimately, the verdict of the check up was GOOD. The antidote to fear of death is the GOOD NEWS. Look for the GOOD NEWS. Look for the signs of hope. Though it may not be clear, it is certainly there and stronger than the counterfeit.

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