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One Lane Up Ahead

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

All around our small town roads have been limited to one lane. As I drove them yesterday God told me "One lane up ahead!". Over the next day more details began to unfold about what this means for our time:

1. There is a CONVERGENCE of things that were previously separate or compartmentalized. God is bringing it all together in a way that allows for greater authenticity, single-mindedness, and focus. Areas of your life that previously had "nothing to do with each other" you'll find being woven together with the thread of your faith in the Lord.

2. There is no "middle of the road". This is not a time where you will be able to be "lukewarm". You will need to choose a direction. But God in His mercy will continue to be very clear and consistent about the way in which you need to walk. Though it may be narrow, it will be clear.

3. There will be a new speed to this time. God has eliminated the slow lane! Places that have felt slow or clogged are going to suddenly have ROOM TO MOVE. Make sure you've taken advantage of "reset" and "rest" time sitting at the feet of the Lord and getting His instructions because you are getting ready to GO!

4. Community will increase. You'll find God merging paths with new people and having community in places in which you previously have had little in common or no connection.

5. On a corporate level, there will be a merging between sectors- business and Kingdom ministry, school/training and Kingdom ministry, government and Kingdom ministry, etc. What previously was divorced or separate will find a new purpose, passion, and rebirth aligned with Kingdom purposes.

6. Construction is happening. Most of the time in the natural when traffic is closed down to one lane for extended periods it is due to construction. God is building something new! The "one lane" shift is not LIMITATION but PREPARATION to GROW. Get ready!

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