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Heavenly Atmosphere

Like most of the world, this year has been one of the toughest for me. At big turning points in my life up until this point, God would always give me rainbows. While it has a Biblical context, it always felt personal also. All of this year I’ve searched the skies. Every rainstorm. Every time even the remotest hint of rain and sun was mixed. So many times conditions have seemed PERFECT- pouring rain, bright sunny day... yet no rainbow.

I had grown a little weary this year and was joking with God only days ago about how even with no rainbows in a year, I couldn’t give up looking every time. I couldn’t help it.

Two days ago I went outside for something, not even looking. There was no rain, no mist, no drizzle. I actually said aloud “wow, that light looks so weird out here!”. Then I looked up and saw a BRILLIANT rainbow. Here’s what the Lord put on my heart to share:

To the ones who are weary from searching for their promises. To the ones who have seen “perfect conditions” for the miracle, yet the timing hasn’t come. To the ones who aren’t even looking anymore. To the ones who ARE looking and are saying “the conditions aren’t right” because what you think God needs to do your miracles isn’t available. To all of the above:

The atmospheric conditions in HEAVEN and not the way they are on EARTH.

Just as the conditions where I was were not right, but high above in the atmosphere there was enough rain for a rainbow, so the same holds true for the spiritual. Keep praying. Keep looking. Keep persevering and holding on to hope. You may not be seeing the right conditions come together, but you don’t yet see the unseen atmosphere of heaven lining up to bring your promise. Then SUDDENLY, and without warning, it will come, more brilliant than expected.

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