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God Says, "Hold On!"

As I was walking through our neighborhood on an evening walk the other night, I was seeking the Lord for guidance on this next season. The Lord told me “hold on”. Disappointed, I thought, “I’ve just been through one waiting season after another, and now I need to hold on?”. His response was, “You’re going from ‘hold on’ to ‘hold on!’”.

Immediately, I thought of when you get into a fast-moving vehicle or ride. This kind of holding on is not a waiting period, but a period of stabilizing during acceleration. Your posture doesn’t change. Whether you’re sitting in a waiting room or sitting in a roller coaster seat, you’re sitting. The difference is the increased importance of being secured and stabilized.

Two of the Biblical Greek words for “holding on” or “holding fast” are “katechó” and “epechó”. Katechó’s meaning includes “I hold fast, bind, arrest”, “I take possession of, lay hold of”, and “I hold back, detain, restrain”. Epechó’s definitions add “pay close attention”. This description becomes a great spiritual prescription for this season. We are coming out of a prolonged season of waiting and coming into a time of massive acceleration on a large scale. While acceleration is a good thing (and a fun thing!), it can throw you off course if you’re not correctly positioned.

We need to “bind and arrest” all that sets itself up in opposition to the wisdom and revelation from the word of the Lord. Both of these- to bind and to arrest- bring to mind images of restricted motion, confined space, and limited movement. It embodies the words ‘hold back, detain, and restrain”. In the places God has spoken, we cannot give room for doubt, deception, fear, or false arguments to move.

We need to “take possession and lay hold of” our territory. It is a critical time in which any ground that is left “neutral’ is being attacked by chaos. Because this is a time in which God is reclaiming mountains of society, we must “own our land”. What has God given you stewardship over? What talents, positions, and resources has He given you? We must realize what we have and defend it by using it aggressively like the tool it was made to be for the Kingdom.

We also must “pay close attention”. When ballerinas are executing tight, fast turns in rapid succession, they do so without losing their balance by keeping their eyes fixed on one point. At the conclusion of each turn, they whip their heads around to that focal point as soon as possible to stay fixed. We also must keep our eyes fixed as things begin to move, change, and evolve rapidly.

This period of restful waiting is about to explode into motion. We are perfectly positioned already for acceleration. The only thing we must change to prepare is we must change our attitude to one of stabilization for acceleration. Prepare for a wild ride, and hold on!

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