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From Regroup to Reboot

As I was sitting down to write yesterday, I felt the Lord say, “Regroup to reboot”. As I pressed into both of those words, I saw an encouraging picture of what God is in the process of doing and how we, as His Body, can press into it!

We are in the process of a corporate “regroup”. This word can be defined as “to arrange in a new grouping”, “To put back together in a tactical formation, as after a dispersal in a retreat”, “To come together again in a group”, “To reorganize for renewed effort, as after a temporary setback”, or “To recollect one's composure and focus for a renewed effort.” (American Heritage Dictionary). You may have noticed shifts even in your own life that have been transitions, new connections, new procedures, etc. God is very strategically regrouping His people. Because the “battleground” of the past couple of years has changed so much of the way things normally function, there are new placements, new positions, and new purposes God is activating in which to use you.

Moving Mountains

God is moving on the mountains of influence in society, and you may find He is calling you to a mountain you previously hadn’t given much thought or consideration. Alternatively, you may also find God bringing you opportunities that weren’t an option previously that are in keeping with callings and promises you’d gotten years ago. During this “regrouping” time, it will be important to seek the Lord on where and how He wants to use you and not to assume it will look the same as it always has. Pay attention to new opportunities He is opening up or even new skills you’ve been forced to develop the past few years due to hardships and changes in lifestyle.

Coming Together Again

Watch and see God open up new borders. He is bringing us back together both in a global sense after a prolonged time of separation but also is joining us with new communities and groups. Be prayerful about new groups and fellowships He leads you to be a part of, as God is creating these groups very purposefully.

Don’t Give Up

There is a breakthrough behind repetition and steadfastness. The “re” in “regroup” means "repetition of action”. It can also mean “a turning back opposition”; “restoration to a former state”; or "transition to an opposite state." There is a change in directions coming that will involve repentance, restoration of the former blessings, and a complete transformation.

Focus Returning

If you’ve been experiencing a spiritual fog or felt pulled in many directions, this next season is one of simple focus. Instead of putting little bits of time and effort into many things, God is going to clarify an area or two of focus.

All of this is in preparation for a “reboot”. When I looked up reboot, it can mean “restart”, “to bring back (an earlier film or television show), usually with a new cast and updated script” (American Heritage Dictionary), or “to refresh (something) by making a new start or creating a new version” (Merriam Webster).

Nothing is Lost

I got an image of restarting a computer – particularly when creating something important- after there is an “emergency shut down”. As it reboots, there is that feeling of panic of “did I lose it all?” If that’s you spiritually, God says, “nothing has been lost”. In this time of reboot, you’ll discover creative ways God has preserved and used “all things for good “ (Romans 8:28), and there will even be a resuming of things that have been put on “pause” or set aside for years.

Updating the Cast and Script

God is still working out His unchanging word and promises, but in this new season you will see changes in the “cast” and “script”. Both on an individual and larger level expect God to raise up new people into important positions. Also, expect divine surprises that don’t fit the trajectory. “Scripts” that we ourselves, our community, or the media have created that don’t fit what God is really doing are going to be flipped in surprise breakthroughs.

Ways We Can Pray

-Ask God to highlight the specific ways He wants to use you this season.

-Ask God to bring together the groups you are needing to be a part of during this season.

-Ask God for vision for your “mountain of influence”- both what it is and how to pray for it.

-Ask God, ”Where do I need to be persistent in prayer?”

-Pray for God to narrow your focus. Ask for Him to highlight both what needs to be pruned in this season and what needs to be given more time and effort.

-Thank God that nothing is lost- even before you see the manifestation of it.

-Thank God for those He is setting in place.

-Ask God for discernment in seeing through the daily news to what is His script of good news & truth versus the enemy’s script of bad news & lies

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