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Five Heavenly Responses to Current Earthly Circumstances

As we’ve watched current events unfold, there is a temptation to feel powerless. The truth is, behind every negative headline and evil agenda is a redemption plan of the Lord. Recently the Lord has been highlighting five responses or postures for the church that partner with the “working all things for good” that He is doing behind the scenes.

A Return to the Gold Standard

As we’ve watched inflation soar, the Lord has reminded me how, in the natural, inflation is caused by deviating too much from the “gold standard”. Spiritually, this is a time in which God is returning us to a “gold standard”. There is much that over the years has crept into our theology (both individually and corporately) that is not backed up by the “gold” Word of God. There is a revival He is bringing of hunger for His word. There are plans in the hearts of some of His people and even books and resources being birthed that will be instrumental in diving deeper and reigniting passion for reading and studying His Word.

A Creative Surge is Coming

We’ve also witnessed the massive contention over families, both with attacks on the identity and sexuality of our children as well as the hard-fought battle of abortion. Because in the natural, the Lord uses the family and mothers and fathers as the basis for creating life, this reveals that the larger attack is against all that God is creating and birthing. The heavenly response to this attack is going to come in the form of a wave of creativity. The recent overturning of Roe v Wade symbolized a protective move of Heaven over all the Lord is wanting to create. Prepare to see new innovations, ideas, inventions, and creative solutions being made through believers the Lord is raising up.

A Smashing of Idols and a Wave of Healing

In recent years through all that surrounded the pandemic, an idol of health and safety has been created through fear of death. Sacrifices to this idol have included sacrificing connection with others, freedom to travel, and more. As a response to this, the move of Heaven is a huge wave of healing happening now. Healing meetings, revivals, testimonies, and waves of supernatural manifestations of healing that only could be done through the Lord. This will be a vehicle through which the Lord will draw many to His heart by showing His comfort and love by reminding the world that He and He alone is the God of healing and the God who sets us free from bondage to fear, isolation, and stagnation.

A New Unity After the Threshing

It may seem that contention, polarity, and disunity are growing and growing, but the Lord has revealed that this is actually a threshing into unity. Just like a crucial conversation involves some conflict before a resolution is solved, issues are being aired which look like only conflict, but the result of these will actually be a stronger unifying of the church body in places we have been passive or disjointed.

A Multigenerational Work

Finally, God has repeatedly reminded me of instances in which errors are repeated due to a lack of knowing history. In the same way that we see Biblical cycles of flourishing and falling into disobedience when the people forgot the Lord, we are being called to greater continuity and remembrance. There are revivals the Lord is wanting to bring that are not new revivals but new levels of revivals He has already started in generations past. We need to know the full picture of the puzzle we are adding on to. In order to do this, God is putting on hearts a desire to connect intergenerationally. There is an immense wealth right now in elders in the faith, that we may glean the testimonies, history, and wisdom of the revivals the Lord has been building through their lives in order that we may create a more cohesive intergenerational work that grows bigger and continues longer. Watch for open doors in mentorship, connecting with other generations, and works of media aimed specifically at equipping future generations.

While there is much turmoil, when we lift our eyes to see the Heavenly agenda happening behind the scenes we can be encouraged! There is much to hope for and much to partner with if we would step in the opposite spirit of the world and step into the Holy Spirit’s flow in these areas.

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