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Embrace Your Grit

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

It seems this season the word "grit" has showed up everywhere, and it truly captures what God is doing. This word not only helps us adjust our vision to see and cooperate with the moves of the Holy Spirit in our lives but also is a prescriptive for our response now.

Grit (Oxford Dictionary)-

1. small loose particles of stone or sand.

2.courage and resolve; strength of character.

(Verb) 3. move with or make a grating sound.

4.clench one's teeth, especially when angry or faced with something unpleasant.

What God is Doing & How You Can Position Yourself to Respond

  1. SAND- Matthew 7:26 says "And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand." What WORDS or INSTRUCTIONS He has given you in the past that are still waiting for you? Remember that calling you pushed aside? God saved it for you. He says, "Try building on MY words. Try doing it My way. No contingency plan. See how much more SOLID and SECURE things turn out". When Abraham was being shown about His future, the Lord gave him SAND as an illustration of the descendants that would come. David also uses sand to describe the thoughts of God, saying in Psalm 139:17 “How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them! If I would count them, they are more than the sand.” Friends, REMEMBER the Words He has given you. Don’t just remember but DO them! Act in line with them as if they are true BEFORE they happen. Just as we cannot count the sand we cannot fathom or understand the plans and thoughts of the Lord. Where have you tried to build by your own knowledge? Invite God into that place. Ask Him to reveal to you like Abraham His plans and thoughts for you. Then DO accordingly!

  2. COURAGE/RESOLVE- Remember that courage is not the absence of fear but doing things in the face of fear. God says “Be strong and courageous AND DO NOT BE AFRAID”. If being courageous meant only not being afraid, He wouldn’t have needed to say it twice. So, yes, drive out fear. But ALSO be COURAGEOUS and DO SOMETHING in the face of fear. Have you noticed yourself confronting fears lately? God is bringing up and resolving old fears and insecurities. Not to re-traumatize you but to HEAL the trauma that never healed. As God peels back the layers of what’s behind those fears, ask yourself “what wonderful DESTINY and GIFT of God is the enemy trying to hide with this fear?” Usually there are clues to God’s future good works in the areas we find ourselves most hungry or stuck. In pressing through and acting in alignment with the Lord DESPITE discomfort, breakthrough and blessing are on the other side.

  3. MAKE A GRATING SOUND- So much of the corporate scheme of the enemy has been to SILENCE. God, however, is revealing your VOICE. Make a joyful noise! Make a war cry! Voice those prayers! Declare! The lie is that there is no point in these things, but your voice is one of the most powerful tools you have. Open your mouth, and ask the Lord: “what is it that you have planned to come out of my mouth?”

  4. CLENCHING IN THE UNPLEASANT- The image comes to mind of an oyster. One irritating grit of sand. If that poor oyster was comfortable, nothing would happen. But in working through discomfort, the oyster changes that grit into a pearl. A beautiful and valuable treasure. DON’T GIVE UP, and don’t shy away from hard work or facing unpleasant things. In working through those this season, God is using your grit and changing it into your TREASURE. One that wouldn’t have come about if you stayed comfortable.

God smiles on you and says, “You’ve got grit. I’ve seen where you’ve been, but even better I see where you’re going. Keep it up, my chosen one. What seems hard now is going to be the greatest treasure in the fullness of time.”

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