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April is the Month of Recovery

As I was spending time with the Lord on a recent morning, I got an image of a boat with a rowing crew. Unsure of what the Lord was saying, I began to press into this word. There are phenomenal insights into what the Lord is doing in the Spirit this month that are direct parallels to rowing or “crew”, as it’s fondly known in the states.

God is working through small groups to do big things.

Rowing is a sport that uses anywhere from single-person vessels to groups of eight. God is doing mighty movement in small groups. Where there is a single surrendered heart or where “two or more are gathered”, the capacity exists to create big movements. We will see mighty moves coming from unexpected places. Instead of the mega groups, these will be led by the modern-day tiny “tribes of Judah”.

God is bringing coaches alongside.

Each team has a coxswain or Cox who acts like a coach inside the vessel, often because rowers are seated where their backs are toward where they are going, so they can’t yet see where they’re traveling. God is bringing confirmation through mentors and trusted prophetic sources to remind you of your direction and His words. This won’t be a message of a new direction but rather; reiterations of things God has already given you glimpses of, clarification of next steps on the road to callings, or a stirring up of gifts and passion again where you have begun to grow cold

God is working through rhythms of catch and release.

Each stroke of the oar in rowing is comprised of a “catch” and “release”. Catching is the entry of the oar into the water, and releasing is the exiting of the oar from the water. Both are critical to creating momentum.

Similarly, this month is preparing you for phases in which the Lord needs you to “catch”. This will be a “re-entry” or an active “diving in”. Interestingly Webster defines catch as “to capture or seize, especially after pursuit”. Long spiritual pursuits of callings that have felt fruitless are going to finally have some fruit you can take hold of! “To discover unexpectedly” is another definition of catch. Suddenlies will mark this next season where in an instant things will turn around or come to fruition. Wordnik adds to the list of definitions “to stop oneself from doing an action”. Habits or routines from previous seasons that have needed to be pruned for lack of fruit are going to be “caught” and pruned as the Lord highlights them.

Many are coming out of “release” phases right now. These are balanced and disciplined “pulling back” as the Lord directs. It may be pulling back into rest, pulling back on battles that were not intended for you to fight, or pulling back from certain commitments or relationships. Release is defined by Webster as “to set free from restraint or servitude” or “to relieve from something that confines, burdens, or oppresses”. Ask the Lord to help you do a spiritual inventory of what needs to be let go. It also is defined as “to give permission for publication, performance, exhibition, or sale…to make available to the public”. God has and is commissioning new releases in various sectors that have been dreams placed in hearts that will finally be “released to the public” for His glory and purposes.

God is doing “recovery” work this month.

Perhaps the rowing fact that most caught my attention is the “recovery” phase. In rowing, the point between “release” and repositioning for the “catch” (or reentry) is called the “recovery”. God whispered, “April is my month of recovery”. God is doing mighty works of release to position us to catch even more in the next months! Be flexible and allow the Lord to position you. “Recovering” is defined as “in the process of overcoming” (Webster). While the recent “releases” involved with repositioning may not feel very victorious, stay the course and stay obedient. You are in the process of overcoming and being positioned for reentry into the new!

Prayer: God, thank You for all You have been “releasing” in my life. Give me the wisdom to cooperate with Your positioning and let go. Tune my ears to hear what You are calling me to dive into in the upcoming months, and give me the flexibility that allows me to be clay in Your hands as You do your recovery work in me this month. Amen.

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