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Don’t Believe the Bluff

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

I woke up from a dream yesterday that was simple in content but felt very meaningful. In the dream I had ordered a cake. It was decorated beautifully when I went to pick it up. All of a sudden a bakery employee rushed up to "fix" the cake and ended up globbing sloppy colored icing all over the top. It completely covered what I knew was beautiful underneath. She kept insisting it was how it was supposed to be. As I woke up and went about my day, It caught my eye when over and over I kept seeing and hearing the phrase "poker face". I've never played, but I knew it had something to do with keeping a straight face, so I began to pray into it and do some research. Poker face means the following: "remaining in a passive expression in an emotionally charged situation" "Hiding ones TRUE feelings or thoughts" Or "a bluff to make others think one is holding different cards than he or she is holding". The first of these definitions I get the impression is how we are supposed to posture ourselves. We are supposed to keep our joy, peace, and hope fixed despite tension, emotions, or thoughts about what "may" happen. The second two definitions apply to what is happening spiritually. The enemy knows he is defeated. He knows God has good plans for you. He knows every word God has spoken about your future is full of hope, redemption, and love. But he is using his best poker face to hide his defeat. If he can make you FEEL defeated, maybe you'll fold or give up on your destiny. The enemy- the prince of lies- is bluffing against God's promises. But all he can make are empty bluffs to try to sway your faith and make you choose to change courses on your own. Here's something I read that's notable: YOU ONLY BLUFF WHEN YOU HAVE A LOT TO LOSE. IT'S GOTTA BE BIG. There are BIG things coming!! This is why you have felt so much discouragement or fear or pressure. I remembered my dream and realized this meant the same thing. I KNEW what the cake looked like. It was GOOD and perfectly done. Then there was an attempt to cover or obscure the goodness underneath and convince us that it was "supposed to be that way". I began- which I encourage you to do also- asking God to clarify and remind me of His promises. As I was reminded of each one, I wrote them down and prayed them according to God's will. Waking up today, as I do each morning, I sat with the Lord and asked Him for a word. He gave me "chibbuq" which is Hebrew meaning "folding of the hands"!! Folding! I quickly looked up what that meant in the same context and it said "To fold is to discard one's hand and forfeit interest in the current pot. No further bets are required by the folding player, but the player cannot win." The enemy is FOLDING! So before you give up or give in, realize that he has forfeited and CANNOT WIN when and if you have aligned with God's plans and purposes. Don't believe the bluff. His plans for you are truly good. To give you HOPE and a future. Don't stop now. Something big is coming! 

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