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I Am Repairing Your Foundation

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

God sent chills through me as I heard someone say the words "you can't see a foundation of a building, but if it's fixed, it makes such a difference in the whole house!" Foundation, by definition, is the collection of ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and words on which we are built. The Bible tells us a foundation parable comparing shifting sands to being built on the Rock when the storms come. What is the Rock? "He is the Rock, his works are perfect, and all his ways are just." Deuteronomy 32:4 "and drank the same spiritual drink; for they drank from the spiritual rock that accompanied them, and that rock was Christ." 1 Corinthians 10:4 Right foundation is being built on Christ's thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and words. You may have felt that nothing is happening. That there's a great sense of anticipation, but that nothing much has changed. You may have put a lot of work into something and feel like there's not a lot to show for it. God says, "I have been fixing your foundation". There are several things that can cause foundational issues in the natural that are the same causes of foundational issues in the spiritual. Flooding, draught, shaking, upheaval, settling, storms, leaks, poor construction, poor soil preparation, and roots can create issues in your foundation. 1. Flooding- an inundation, whether good or bad, can cause your foundation to become weak. Even a flood of exponential blessing can test your spiritual foundation in how you steward it. In the same way a flood of adverse circumstances can cause foundation issues. Have you thought, "I can't seem to just catch a break!" This may be a spiritual flood you're dealing with. 2. Draught- spiritual dry times, seeming lack of abundance 3. Shaking- Are things that you "leaned on" moving and shifting? This can create foundational cracks 4. Upheaval- Webster defines this as "extreme agitation or disorder : radical change" 5. Settling- are you settling for less than God's best? Have you felt Him beckoning you on, but you refuse to move? Have you felt complacent? 6. Storms- we all know what storms in life feel like, and they certainly test our foundation! 7. Leaks- I noticed a water spiket in a parking lot left on today. Sometimes the enemy's lies come in little drips. A faint pittering that trickles in. Over time, this can disrupt foundation. 8. Poor construction- if something in your life is not built God's way or does not have Him at it's core 9. Poor soil preparation- allowing worry, hard-heartedness, or pessimism to swallow the seeds God is planting. Unwillingness to do the hard work of plowing the soil before rushing to planting. 10. Other roots- generation issues that haven't been dealt with. Also allowing ourselves to be rooted or grounded in things other than the love of God. How do you know if any of these things have caused foundation issues? The signs in the spirit are similar to the natural. 1. Sinking- think of quicksand: the harder you work to get out the more stuck you feel. Also depression or oppression. 2. Upheaval- chaos, arguments, agitation, disorder 3. Doors that stick or don't open or close properly- I laughed when I read this one. Wow! How many times have we had doors God has led us to stick...Not open or not close in the way we're hearing God say they should...? It may be a foundation issue! 4. Gaps- Holes in our understanding or vision 5. Uneven surfaces- when things are not "level". When certain disadvantages are at work that you've already been delivered from. 6. Separation- isolation, disruption in community or communication Good news!! If you've read to this point and feel Holy Spirit confirming this to you, God is working on your foundations during this time! He is bringing new understanding, new training, new healing, and new processes. This DOES require you coming alongside Him though. You must be willing to let Him GO DEEP (After all, foundation issues are often buried). This may even mean deep generational innerhealing. Foundation repair of any kind takes TIME and EXTREME PRECISION. This is going to take extensive time sitting with the Lord. There's no one-size-fits-all fix. God has tailored the perfect building blocks to shore up your foundation. This can be a FUN time of CO-LABORING with Hin and discovering new possibilities and potential. It'll be a time of revelation. Of "aha" moments where everything clicks or falls into place. You also have to be willing to STAND through the process. In reading about foundation repair, God highlighted this sentence to me: "Once a suitable bearing stratum is reached, each pile is tested to a force greater then required to support the structure." You may already be feeling the pressure! Spiritual work is intense! But God is preparing you to handle even more and supplying you with His force that is GREATER than what is required to support what He is building in you. That's the most encouraging piece- your foundation is being repaired SO THAT HE CAN BUILD. Foundation issues don't matter if nothing important is going to be supported on that foundation. There are big plans for you! You'll know the repairs are getting somewhere when you begin to feel and see momentum, promotion, or restoration in your life. This is another sentence Holy Spirit highlighted about foundation repair: "Hydraulic jacks attach to the embedded steel piers and are used to raise the foundation back to its original elevation." God is bringing you back up to the point before your foundation started shifting. Restoration. A lifting up. So if you're experiencing any of these things, rejoice! You're being repaired. You're being prepared. You may not see the changes in the natural now, but as you continue in this sanctifying process, they'll be impossible to miss!C 

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