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In the Desert Place

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

“I Am coming to meet you in your desert place”. I heard this sweet whisper as I watched a news segment on a team in Kenya that has begun taking medical clinics on camelback to inaccessible desert places where nomads live. As they interviewed recipients it was so beautiful. Seeing people who knew no vehicle could reach them being reached nonetheless- by camels! As I looked up desert, the results showed the verb desert as well as the noun and adjective. I was amazed. “I Am coming to meet you in your desert place”. Are you in the desert? Desert- (Verb) -abandoned in a way considered disloyal or treacherous -(of a number of people) left (a place), causing it to appear empty -fail, especially at a crucial moment when most needed. -(of a soldier) illegally run away from military service. (Noun) -a dry, barren area of land, especially one covered with sand, that is characteristically desolate, waterless, and without vegetation -a situation or area considered dull and uninteresting. (Adjective) -dried up, burnt (out), barren, infertile, unproductive, unfruitful, solitary, lonely, bleak God began reminding me of all He’s done in deserts past. When Moses had killed a man and went into a lonely self-imposed exile, probably thinking he had blown it for his life, God set the bush on fire and spoke. After the Exodus when they wandered the desert, God then started speaking to them of the promised land. When the dry bones were breathed on, it no doubt had to be a pretty dry place. There are countless more examples, but I noticed that in these lonely places, in these solitary places, in these places of fruitlessness and hurt was where God showed up every time. The camels are coming. The camels in the news story brought three things. They brought information about healthy living. They brought treatment for current ailments. They also brought immunizations for protection. God is also coming to your desert place with wisdom on healthy spiritual living, healing for your current wounds, and preparation/protection for the future. There are attacks that have seemed like they’re in the running to win. These are losing ground. The enemy’s endurance can not compare to the endurance of the Lord’s love and purposes for you that pursue you. It’s time to get your voice back. This may be your prayer voice. This may be your prophetic voice. This may be your literal voice reaching out to others where you’ve withdrawn. It’s time to get your voice back. Your voice is backed by the authority given to you as a son or daughter of God. What God has spoken to you or how God has moved you was not meant to be heard and end. It was meant to be heard and continue in the form of response. If you’re in a desert place, it’s time to sing- time to shout! The camels are coming. I Am is coming to your desert place.  

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