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Updated: Mar 11, 2020

As I spent time in prayer this morning, the Lord spoke the word "superposition". Many are in a time right now of SUPERPOSITIONING. This can mean a couple of things: First, the Oxford definition of superpose is "the action of placing one thing on or above another, especially so that they coincide". Coincide is "to occur at the same time". There is also a superpositioning phenomenon that occurs when two waves come toward eachother. When they collide, instead of losing any of their size or energy, they COMBINE into a single wave, and that wave is as tall as both waves combined. This new wave is called a standing wave. It's simultaneously in motion (up and down) but not moving in either direction of the original waves. Many are seeing this happen in their own lives. Two "waves" or two "movements" happening at the same time. It APPEARS that they are on a collision couse- that both cannot continue or that they will cancel each other out. If this is you, as your reading this the Lord is bringing those "waves" in your own life to mind. The encouragment is this: DESPITE APPEARANCES, these simultaneous things happening in different directions are not going to cancel each other out or cause a collision- they are strategically initiated by God to occur at the same time SO THAT they can create an even greater "standing wave" in you. There is a new movement being birthed in you that is the sum of many things happening in your life. The combination of these things is going to be completely unique and will be how God is moving in you. These waves won't take you down- in fact they'll allow you to STAND. I think the term "standing wave" is so interesting. It's movement and stillness at the same time. In our spiritual battles, we're not asked to run at the opposition but instead to STAND. By being still as the waves come, God is using their combined power to increase your strength, and through standing you'll see a greater movement birthed through you.  

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