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Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Last week God gave me a vision of a pile of snowballs and a person picking up a snowball at a time and throwing it. I asked God internally, “What does that mean?” He answered with, “Where My people are fighting with things that don’t last and melt away, I’m going to ask them to trade for what is solid and permanent”. I asked, “What is melting? What are the solid things you’re trading for?” Right then a random stranger next to me turns and says out of the blue, “We need to stop fighting from the place of productivity and performance. Checking things off the to do list. We need instead to be warring in prayer and battling from our identities in Christ.” I have seen the word “prayer” coming up over and over again. I’ve also heard countless around me talk about the busy-ness of life increasing. We’ve even had tornado watches and warnings and drastic pressure changes in the natural- a picture of how everything is spinning! Here is what God wants to impart to your heart if you’re feeling the pressure of productivity or performance: “Let go, beloved. It’s NOT about doing NOTHING in place of your to do list, but it’s about doing the BETTER THINGS in place of your to do list. Coming and sitting with me for an hour in prayer when you have hours of work to do may seem impossible or counter-intuitive, but it’s the ONLY way you’re going to make effective progress. Pray to Me before you do. Pray to Me as you do. This prayer habit will not become a speed bump but a launch pad. Let go of performance. I don’t love you for what you do. I love you for who you are. I see your servant’s heart and your desire to do much for Me. The best thing you can do is begin to understand how loved you are. When you understand your identity and how much you’re loved, you’re positioned to love as you have been loved. As you do this, you release others from performance. You love them for who I made them to be and for who they are to Me. Because LOVE is what you’re made for. So by RELEASING performance and productivity, you actually BEGIN to PERFORM (carry out, accomplish, or fulfill) what you were designed to do and to PRODUCE fruit.” God continued to use this snowball image. He reminded me that the “snowball effect” is when something starts small, but as it rolls it gains more and more mass and size. It starts to “snowball”. In the type of Heavenly logic that we can’t wrap our minds around, when we release the practice of rapidly tackling our to do list and frantically flinging fleeting snowballs at our obstacles, we finally begin to progress. When we trade the snowballs of productivity or performance for the permanent and enduring things of prayer and positioning, we begin to “snowball” in a spiritual sense, gaining more and more momentum. Resist the biggest distraction right now which is the resistance to your prayer time. Fight for that time. Press in to hear your identity with questions and Scripture and listening. As you let go of trying to catch up, you’ll begin to feel your feel finally gain traction.  

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