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Divine Partnering

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

In a recent dream, I watched as people read a newspaper headline about flooding. As soon as they read the headline, flood waters came sweeping in, taking us up. The waters actually swept the newspaper close enough for me to read. It did, in fact, look like a flood headline. I realized that the paper was folded, bringing different parts of the printing together. When I unfolded the paper back to it’s original shape, the headline was totally different. It was a celebration of not having had flooding that year. Immediately as I read the real headline, the waters receded and dried, making the headlines come true. The message is to look again at the “headlines” in your life. Particularly look at the ones that provoke panic. There may be some folding or twisting happening that causes them to be perceived incorrectly. Your emotion and experience are basing themselves off this headline, so when you align with celebration over panic, watch the floodwaters subside. This is a time to make sure we’re partnering with the correct headlines. The second part of the dream was also about partnership, but this partnership was between people. Many of us were gathered in a classroom. We were all given items, and we were told to find a partner whose item best went with ours. I had an aloe root. I remember thinking that I could partner with anyone, but that many partnerships would not make sense or produce as useful of a product. Some stopped at the first person they found. They both had great items, but the items didn’t “go” together, so their items stayed the same. I kept looking for someone who had lotion or soap or something aloe “went” with. When I found that person, we were able to create a new thing, combining both of our items. I believe God is calling us to the same right now. God is bringing together people who have complementary gifts, and it’s a time of making new connections to do new things. This is great time to network if you’re in business or to better connect with the church body for new relationships. Be mindful of others’ gifts. Certain gifts may be grown or taken to the next level when used in partnership. The third part of the dream was a partnership with promotion. I was approached by a distinguished business person with a proposition for me to take over one of their most high profile accounts. I was shocked because I did not expect this offer, and it seemed to not make much sense for them to be making it. The message is “be ready to embrace higher level experience when opportunity presents itself”. You may feel under-qualified, and it may not make sense, but partner with these opportunities for experience as they are preparation for promotion.  

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