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Updated: Mar 11, 2020

God’s been highlighting the word “avalanche”. Avalanche often brings to mind the natural disaster, but this is a spiritual avalanche about to take place. One definition Oxford Dictionary has for avalanche is “a sudden arrival or occurrence of something in overwhelming quantities”. Avalanches happen when there is a heavy increase in precipitation that causes a weight or pressure that reaches a point in which gravity pulls everything into motion. And quickly. Avalanches can reach speeds of 80 mph within about 5 seconds, with maximum speeds far surpassing that. Right now God is pouring into your circumstance. Don’t be surprised if you even have so many opportunities or choices suddenly happening that it feels like an increase in weight or pressure. If you’re feeling this- things are about to move. Expect a season of “quickening”. I heard this word in my spirit and immediately thought acceleration, but quickening is also the word used to describe the first FELT movement of a baby inside the womb. Things have been moving for a while at that point, but they are not yet felt. Similarly, things the Lord has been growing unseen have been in motion for a while now but are are about to be felt in the natural for the first time. Expect the quickening of what heaven has been doing to start finally being felt in your life. Another interesting fact is that once the avalanche stops, it settles like concrete. This season of movement is literally LAYING a FIRM foundation that will not be shaken in the years to come. It may feel slightly out of control or too fast paced, but trust that God is taking things just the right course at just the right time.

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