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Warrior Heart of God

We are coming into a time in which the warrior heart of God is going to be more prominently seen. We have witnessed much of the mother heart of God, but we are about to see His father heart manifested in greater measure. That which He is passionate about He is going to fight for. He will show His strength and His unmistakable active involvement in our circumstances. The characteristic highlighted of the Lord in this time will be God the DEFENDER and PROTECTOR. Revival in the 12s - Just as Jesus at age 12 said He was going to be about His Father’s business, God is sparking revival for those in the 12 year old age range. They will be leaders of those who far surpass them in age. As David fought Goliath, watch for incredible wonders to come from this age group at an international level. Heavenly courts and threats - There may have been threats the enemy has been taunting you with in your thought life or worries. There may even be real life enemies making threats to you. God started showing me as I was watching TV that a big onslaught of spiritual attacks were released last August and then again in October, and some are still living in fear of “what could happen”. These threats are NOT to spark fear or lack of peace. DO NOT PAY ATTENTION to the threats of the enemy because God has your case in His courts, and His justice is unmovable and un-swaying. Like rock. No deal with "easy way"- there are hidden costs - I keep hearing “don’t take the easy way”. There are opportunities to step back and to take the easy way that are popping up. They may look like a welcome chance to just coast, but there is a difference in resting in Him/letting Him make a way verses choosing a path He has not directed just because it’s easier. There are hidden costs of the path of least resistance, so don’t be tempted out of the path God has called you on. It is worth pushing through! Stay the course He has called you because it truly will be more pleasant and less costly, despite appearances. Going to war over the square mile - War in the natural costs a lot- money, lives, time. Spiritual war takes persistence and effort. It’s easier not to fight. Scrolling through a story I saw a striking image of a man stabbing a snake straight through. There is an area recently of your life which you have WON. The victory is ours. We must, however, continue to occupy it to maintain that victory. Just as retreat or deserting a land in the physical world allows other forces to occupy it, don’t leave the land you have conquered unoccupied. Even if you’ve fought the enemy back to one square mile of spiritual territory, don’t quit the war. Celebrate the victory and continue to occupy the land! Every inch is valuable in the spirit, so don’t grow weary. You’re partnered with a God of unlimited strength who will finish what He started!

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