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As I've traveled the past few days I've noticed over many places and many channels, God being given credit for specific things in headlining news. I felt God whisper "this is only the beginning!". God is going to begin BREAKING into NEWS. Watch- beginning now and increasing more and more- testimonies making headline news. God is going to be doing things that are so incredible even secular sources say, "it could only be a miracle". God then showed me the front door of a court room with the number 27 on it. In Strong's Concordance 27 is correlated with the Hebrew "abidan" meaning "My father is judge". God is going to be showing you in courtrooms. Decisions and verdicts that didn't look likely are going to be coming forth. Some may surprise you, and some may even be not what you would have decided if you were judge, but trust that in this time God's justice will prevail. God is also reversing accusations of spiritual "identity theft". Some of you the enemy has told "that's not really you. You're just a pretender. You're not called to this." God is reversing those accusations and showing the enemy to be the only identity thief. Look for Him to give you surprising confirmations and opportunities in the areas of your calling and identity as His affirmation to you that you are who He says you are. In all three of these we can get hope and expectation up for God to show up and uphold His plans and our (collective Kingdom) cause.

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