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Home Coming

God has been putting the word "home" on my heart when I've prayed about what He's doing. We typically just think of home the noun, but because it was an answer to what He's DOING (active verb), I began to look at home as a verb. There are two definitions that stood out to me: "return by instinct to one's territory after leaving it" and "move or be aimed toward (a target or destination) with great accuracy" There is a home coming. Even as you read this, the Holy Spirit will be bringing things to mind speaking specifically to you. You know that place (spiritually or literally) that He has been tugging again and again on your heart about. This is your TERRITORY by His design, and He is calling you back to return to it. For a season or perhaps most of your life you have left it and pursued other things He has called you to during that season, but it's time to spiritually home. Or (looking at the second meaning) maybe it's been a time of confusion. Maybe you have been seeking the Lord and felt an unclear answer. I get an image of God literally adjusting your position. As you aim your bow and arrow, He is moving your hands, feet, and head positioning just right so when you release it, it is right on target. Relax into these adjustments. You may think "wait, wait! Why did you move that?", but trust in the way He is aiming and positioning you. And get ready to understand, give, and receive with greater accuracy than you've felt previously.  

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