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Overlaps of Olympic Proportions

During worship last week during a song my attention was brought to the back of the church. Big interlocking circles of light were lighting up the back wall looking almost like the Olympic interlocking rings. The Lord began unpacking this word for me. I saw each person as a ring, having their own unique space as well as space OVERLAPPING others. This space where the circles overlapped was highlighted, and I found (from researching the Olympic rings) that it is a shape called visica piscis meaning "fish bladder" because of its shape. A fish bladder or swim bladder is an organ in the fish that 1. Allows it to STAY DEEP without expending extra energy 2. Is a STABILIZING agent and 3. Acts as a resonating chamber to PRODUCE AND RECEIVE SOUND Here's the word God gave me for us: "Beloved, press into UNITY. You enjoy the solitary space you have where it's just you and Me battling with these things, but I made you to also have shared space. I am bringing new relationships into your life as well as restoring old ones. Watch as I nudge your heart towards reaching out to new parts of My body. Watch as I draw you to old kingdom friendships that have been set aside and dormant. In the places that I am causing your life to OVERLAP with others, I am bringing an INCREASE. This increase will be in DEPTH. Together you will dig deeper into Me and what I am doing at this time. Together you will find stability for the days you feel tossed by waves or confused by the noise of the world. Together you will hear and speak more clearly as you will have iron to sharpen you, confirm you, and correct you. As you pray and hear my confirmation for each individual connection I am highlighting to you, embrace these relationships. Embrace and do not run. In this unity you will be able to run the race with Olympic speed and precision. You won't, however, be competing against each other. I am breaking a spirit of competition right now. You are not competing AGAINST each other, but you're competing FOR each other as a part of Heaven's team on Earth. I have made you to go far. But I have made you to go farther together."

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