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The past two weeks traveling I have noticed each location I went God showed me green fresh growth in the most unlikely places. Up out of thick stone blocks or on a roof ten stories high, the persistent growth in places where it's least likely was highlighted to me. There are promises right now over the TOUGH PLACES. The conditions may not seem feasible, but watch it sprout through the toughest places. These stony walls that we have grown up out of have actually been used for good to focus our growth! It has channeled or filtered our efforts into certain areas where they have been needed. In a dream God showed me a sea of clams and spoke the word "filter". Just as sun filters through rain to make a rainbow, you will need to filter your circumstances through God's promises to see the rainbow. We must be FILTER FEEDERS. Clams are part of a group called filter feeders which sift their food from their environments. They are DESIGNED to catch what is life giving and reject what isn't. It's time for us to be filtering through each thing that is happening right now in our lives...strain out the life giving directions from the Lord and the words about His promises, and discard the rest! He also showed me that the word clam is one letter away from calm. There is an emphasis on the ORDER of things happening now. Make sure you are listening to God not only for promises but also for TIMING. Putting one things before another- out of His timing- can cause you to clam up in anxiety. His order and His path will be marked with peace. Even if circumstantially it seems chaotic, a peace will mark your way which will be the sign to you that you're on the right path- a peace that passes understanding.  

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