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Focus & Foxes

If you've been feeling distracted, feeling unable to focus, or feeling disoriented in your calling-this is for you. God's also highlighted individuals with "writer's block", so if you've been experiencing that, keep reading. God's been drawing my attention to foxes recently. The first thing he said is "FOCUS". He showed me a picture of how foxes hunt in the snow. Everywhere they look is just a uniform blanket of snow. They use a special sense to align themselves with magnetic north in order to locate food. I was reading that as they align, their vision gets darker. The combination of that and the sounds they hear below the snow are their cues to jump. They jump head first deep into the snow, hitting their target with surprising accuracy. It's nothing that can be seen from the surface, but between their directional sense and getting VERY still and quiet to listen, they can pinpoint the place to dive deep. Some of you feel your spiritual season is pretty frozen or barren. You hear and sense God's calling, but it seems as you get closer in faith, your sight becomes dim. This is the time that distractions strike. The enemy knows you are equipped to hone in on God's hot spots for you, so he will do anything to make sure you don't take the dive. Hear this. "Get still. Go to the quiet place. The secret place where we can be together with no distractions. Even if for a few moments. Let me focus you in. Let me reassure you of your ability to track my path for your life. Let me allow the words to begin flowing again. What you see may not get more visible, but you will KNOW with life-giving accuracy where I want you to DIVE IN head first." The second thing God showed me is that in Song of Solomon, foxes represented distractions trying to steal your fruitfulness. "Catch the foxes for us, The little foxes that are ruining the vineyards, While our vineyards are in blossom." Song of Solomon 2:15 Recognizing distraction, refusing to give in to it, and honing in on that quiet space with God is actually cutting off the enemy from getting to any of your fruitfulness. Because- great news!- you wouldn't be experiencing this if you weren't producing appealing fruit. In this verse it speaks of VINEYARDS. I believe that's significant. Because just like vineyards and the wine making process, many of you are in seasons where there is a necessary dedication over an extended period of time. Not only are you producing fruits, but they are aging to perfection, and in that aging process you must not quit!  

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