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If you've been feeling overwhelmed, overworked, or continually searching it's because of the night season currently happening. This Hebrew month of Av is literally named for the "Father" and His comfort through dark times. God showed me a picture of a haystack with the word "forage". When I looked up forage, surprisingly hay was synonymous. I got the impression of someone looking for something intently and hopelessly "like a needle in a haystack". To forage is actually defined by Google as to "search widely for food or provisions". You may be in a time where you feel like you're endlessly looking or constantly striving. I was also reminded of the straw which Pharaoh took away in order to make the work on God's people even harsher. Some are feeling like they almost had a breakthrough, but now everything is looking the opposite, and they are working even harder! God brought me to Ezekiel 12:12 which reads in the NIV: "The prince among them will put his things on his shoulder at dusk and leave, and a hole will be dug in the wall for him to go through. He will cover his face so that he cannot see the land." While this passage really refered to an earthly prince, Zedekiah, God show me the enemy (the prince of lies) is LEAVING AT DUSK. Dusk is last light. God spoke about some who are feeling like the window of opportunity is over or almost over for a word they have received. But at the last minute, the enemy is leaving ashamed! The bag on his back of plunder- the Lord showed me that the enemy's plunder is FEAR. Time given to worry or giving in to fear of hopelessness is his plunder. BUT "the redemption is JOY". Your joy, singing, laughter, confidence, and carefreeness is literally emptying the bag of the thief and bringing the greatest joy of the season. The repeating 12s in the verse signify training, sending, and occupancy. The training that has happened in this season is coming to a head and you were being sent to occupy the land that the enemy can't even look at (ezek. 12:12). This is that turnaround when the confidence in your commissioning will come. Grace is being given daily to tackle one thing at a time, but many are making it harder than it needs to be. I kept having recurring instances of having one way blocked. Seeing stiffened necks that couldn't turn left, having obstructions to views on one side, etc. In all of the intense searching you've been doing for the answers, there is a way you haven't yet even turned to. Begin praying into this for it to be revealed, and watch God open a way you never saw coming!  

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