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The Heat is On

Sharing for someone today... You've felt like you've been in the fire. The heat has been turned up on your situation, and you're longing for relief. You wonder if it's a test or a punishment or how long it will last. Here is what God put on my heart: I saw the image of oven, but as the perspective zoomed out, it was a WOMB. The heat you feel is the heat of INCUBATION. It is causing you to grow, causing you to get closer and closer to breaking out of this place that has gotten too small for you. It's not taking your's GIVING you life. It's giving you what you'll need on the other side of this womb season. God's asking you to let Him adjust your perception to show you the nourishment, the safety, the growth happening right here when the heat is on! This is why God lovingly has NOT turned down the heat- because though it would slow things down or be more comfortable, it would not create the growth you BOTH desire and the preparation you need. Rest in trust...this isn’t designed to burn you. It’s designed to incubate you.  

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