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Rice & Termites

Two nights ago I woke up from a dream. In the dream the Lord had been explaining things to me. He had showed me a bowl of uncooked rice, and He had told me that the rice was like prayers. There was a large dead bug in the bowl, making all of the rice unusable. He said, "Prayer is the staple. Without that base, all else becomes useless." I woke up not sure entirely of the meaning but knowing there was more God wanted me to seek out. I began looking up information about rice. Rice is the most widely consumed staple food in the world! Instantly the Father's words came back. "Prayer is the staple". Prayer is our staple food!! It isn't something we were just made to prepare and send to heaven- it is our food source! It isn't just the means by which we feed Heaven's movement- it feeds us! Rice is also a seed it’s grown by FLOODING the field. All very interesting, but God wasn’t done yet. I sat at my desk yesterday looking outside and a rain storm began pouring down. Over a couple hours the water rose. When the rain stopped, HUNDREDS of tiny flying insects swarmed outside. I asked my husband to go look at them, and he said, “look at what? I can’t see anything?”...then after a moment, “whoa! There’s so many! If you’re not looking hard, you’d almost see through them”. We did a little research and found out these are subterranean termites. They come out rarely (once a year or so) usually after a heavy rain following a dry spell. Their homes being FLOODED triggers their release. This particular type of termite (the only role in the colony with wings) has the sole purpose of starting new colonies. Ok, now God really had my attention. The pieces started coming together. There have been bowls and bowls of prayers sown to Heaven. Just like those termites in the dry spell, they have not been visible. It’s seem like a dormant or dry season. God, however, is sending a FLOOD OF THE SPIRIT unexpectedly. It’s going to flood our homes! The passion for the Lord bubbling up from within our homes will drive more and more out into their communities. The fields that are ready for harvest are suddenly going to be flooded with workers being called to this place or that vocation. If you have been feeling a call- this may be your time of release! Pray into it! This flood is going to trigger the growth of those seeds sown in prayer. It’s also going to release what has been under the soil to take flight and begin forming new churches and new ministries worldwide! If God has been calling you to start one of these, it’s a time to urgently seek Him on His will and timing. BUT this is also a crucial time to continue to sow in those prayers! We can’t see them as “dead” or “lifeless” or “unusable” just because they haven’t come to pass. This would be like putting a dead bug in a bowl of perfectly usable rice. We also must keep our eyes fixed where He tells us because, just as with the termites, if you aren’t looking you could easily overlook it. Pray, pray, pray! The dry season is ending- the flood is coming! 

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