Enemy Camp

On a show I was watching recently, a small group of people were some of the only people left on earth who remembered the TRUTH. The enemy had stolen the memories of the rest of the population and inserted lies. As this group prepared to get to the center of the enemy camp from which the lies of the enemy were being transmitted, the leader said "The closer we get to enemy camp, the stronger the lies will get. The more you will stop and wonder, 'Why am I doing this?' You’ll begin to forget and begin to question yourself and question the truth". While watching, chills covered my whole body. There are some out there who are spiritually encountering this same thing!! You began firm and fiery in whatever mission the Lord had called you to, but over time and derailments and obstacles you have begun to wonder- “was that even real? What am I doing?” These thoughts are coming because you are CLOSING IN ON THE ENEMY CAMP. You are so close to reclaiming the place you have been called to! Now more than ever it is crucial to keep God’s word in your minds, on your lips, and in your hearts. Like a recording on infinite loop, His words are what will keep you steadfast. You are not faltering- you are getting closer to success! 


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