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The seeds for what God is doing next are coming from the fruit being harvested now! God showed me an image of a ripe piece of fruit. As it was opened to enjoy, He highlighted what was at the heart of the fruit...SEEDS. At the heart of every harvest is the beginnings of the next season's fruit! For someone today... "You are starting to see the fruition...the are bearing fruit in ways that you have been hearing about from me now for quite some time. The unseen labors, tears, and prayers that have been sown in the past have slowly grown, bloomed, and now you're watching them begin to bear fruit! Heaven is harvesting from your YES of cooperation and faithful working with Me. BUT it's not time to simply sit back. You are to begin planting new seeds from what is being harvested!! Sow new prayers, new efforts, new gifts from the fruit being born in your lift back into the spiritual soil as I direct you to. My dream is a perpetual harvest and perpetual sowing. Constantly bearing fruit and re-sowing the seeds from those experiences into the next...transforming you more and more and bringing heaven to earth seed by seed". 

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