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In the Canyons

This morning as I came outside I saw a very dark (almost black) rock squirrel run by. Since most I see here are brown, it caught my attention in the way that normally God does. I began to nostalgically think about an anniversary trip my husband and I had taken to the Grand Canyon where we saw many of these squirrels. As I walked in the front door, the TV played a show about canyons and happened to be speaking about them as places of echoes or carrying sounds. I felt God whisper to my heart, and I believe this is for more than just myself... "Echo what I say. Do not echo what the world says, what people say, what your upbringing says, what you logic says, what your past says....echo what I say. Just as My Jesus only did what He saw Me doing, be so in tune with Me that you are an echo of all I am. Take My echoes to your canyons. Take My words to the voids in your life. Act as you see Me acting and leading. Speak to these voids, and watch Me rain down to fill them. It is in these empty places, yet to be filled, that when you speak, My words reverberate the loudest. It is in these canyons that when the rain of grace and blessings come, it becomes a flash flood- a mighty, rushing, unexpected stream to overtake you with My love and blessing." 

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