Already Unlocked

"My child, I am pouring out new spiritual gifts. I am going to fill you to overflow- having your gifts bubble over. Because I am doing this, I am also going to provide you with opportunities to pour out these gifts I am placing within you. I made you not to be a pool but a river- continually flowing. Part of this will be an increasing clarity. A sharpening of spiritual vision. You will be hearing the same messages but deeper levels. This may involve hearing me in different ways than you normally do, so I encourage you to step out in faith in hearing in new ways. I have already unlocked the door. You perceive it as locked, but it is unlocked. You keep searching for keys and waiting for signs, but when you look again you will see it is open for you. All it takes is a push. One push. It will be a quick birthing as in Isaiah 66, but it will still require a push. I have unlocked the door, and with your push of follow through comes breakthrough." 


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About January or February of this year I had a dream. It’s one that has stuck with me- especially given the events since that time. God has been bringing it to mind again as a word not only for some i

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2020 Vision Revisited

What the enemy has decreed for you will be turned back on him! In Numbers 22 paints a picture where Balak had sent for the prophet Balaam. Verse 5 (using the Amplified) shows his reason why: “There is

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