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It's Simple

Hear Him say "This is a time of making things simple...but not in a way that makes things simpler. Let Me teach you this holy mystery. As you continue to see your life becoming more complex, as you take on new levels and new assignments, as you rise to greater challenges and greater victories, all of these things will continue to increase...Because My heart for you is INCREASE. But as these things increase in complexity, your approach to them should not. In fact, I am teaching you the SIMPLEST ways. I am growing peace in you as what is around you increases in pace and intensity. The peace is still small, but as you tune into it, it will continue to grow. So when you feel overwhelmed or diacouraged- do not seek to decrease. The answers lie in perseverance. Seeking Me for the simple solution time and time again. This is what will ultimately bring increase and delight." 

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