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Changing Plans

Last night I had a dream that I feel like is for more than just me... Is this for you too? In a dream last month I was flying back from a trip, and I had a connecting flight. I landed in Dallas and was flying to San Antonio. In my dream there was a 6 hour time zone difference (even though there isn't in the natural), and I had forgotten about it. I missed my next flight completely, and was trying to find any flight I could home. I even considered having someone drive to Dallas and pick me up. I woke feeling anxious and like I had failed. Last night, I was in the SAME dream, but this time a new detail was revealed to me. I could DRIVE home and get there in an hour!! (Again, not true in the natural, but in my dream it was). I momentarily realized this meant letting my ticket go to waste, and changing my plans complete. I had a decision to make. I decided "oh well" about the wasted ticket and decided I'd go the easiest route and drive. What this means for us: As I prayed about it this morning, I felt the Lord say that He is going to be opening up alternate ways of doing things. You have to be willing to change plans if He calls you to, scrap the old way of doing things, even cut minor losses in the interest of pursuing what God is calling you to. He is revealing routes that are going to be more efficient and direct, so keep your eyes open for Him to SIMPLIFY. Almost that moment of epiphany of "oh! I never thought of doing it that way! That's such a good idea". Watch for these revelations and be ready to let Holy Spirit change your plans! 

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