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Into the Wild

The word "wild" keeps being brought to my attention again and again. During this time, the Lord is working in WILD ways! I get the image of a field of wildflowers- these things are growing solely by the seeding and nurturing of the Lord- delightful surprises as they spring up around us. These are not things intentioned or planted by man. Yesterday I received a bouquet of wildflowers. As I went to put them in water I noticed it was crawling with baby caterpillars. I felt the Lord say, "The things about to spring up are pregnant with promise. Just as caterpillars feeding on the wildflowers fed on the flowers no man tended- that I alone raised up- so you will transform in ways that are untraditional to take flight. These next moves of the Lord will become the fuel for things that will transform and take flight!" Starlings are a song bird whose song is varied and rather un-musical compared to other birds. They have been flocking in the trees around my house during this season as a a confirmation that the things that are untraditional are going to be favored movements. There is a heavy Rachel anointing on this season. She acted out of love at the well as she watered a stranger's camels, but little did she know it was a thing totally orchestrated by the Lord. Similarly, out of love and simple service are going to grow the beginnings of much larger things! If this sounds like your season, God's heart says "Don't waste your days with thinking through what make sense. You will stand not because of your reasoning, but because I have established you in a way that is wildly supernatural. Let me hold your hands. Speak to me. Keep moving along. Even when it doesn't look hopeful, keep moving. You will make it through. If you feel you've lost yourself completely- don't fear! You may lose your old self and ways of doing things that are familiar, but here in this place is where I will lead you. I am righting what is wrong."

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