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Going Up

As I was in worship this past weekend God dropped this image into my mind. There are some right now that are in a spiritual elevator. All sides are like glass- able to be seen through, and as you look up you see a greater and greater stretch illuminated above you. This gives the appearance of going down because there is more more above you, but you are actually going UP, and as you continue to elevate, God is revealing how much more can be attained through Him! You are NOT losing ground or falling behind- you are accelerating up where more and more is becoming visible to you! The most striking part of this image is I felt God say, "I showed you an elevator and not stairs. This elevation is by My power alone. What I need from you is the choice to GET IN and to TRUST where I am going. There will be great increase from just those small steps. This season is unique in that way. Some seasons are purposed by Me to be ones of quick acceleration that is a gift of grace. Other seasons are meant to be individual steps that we fight through together, taking it at a slower pace of preparation. Those who are in this elevator season, receive it with trust and do not rely on your perception of where you are going!" 

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