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Revealing What's Hidden

For someone today... "I am going to be revealing what's been beneath the surface. Just as rain water reveals the individual rainbow colors that are always present in white light, so the rain of My Spirit will reveal the multiple levels going on in your circumstances. You have felt stuck behind the window, held captive by what you fear will happen when you venture out of your comfort zone, but I am revealing what's beyond your fear as well... Revealing the wounded pieces of your heart. But I don't reveal these things to leave them as they are. I am growing you in new ways, healing these places with the heart revelations I am sending, and making you ready to venture further in the comfort of My wrap-around presence that is always with you. Rest in the assurance that all will be alright. Just as their is a resting component in physical healing, I am using the time when you lay it all down and take a step back, releasing your worry and busy-ness, to heal and strengthen and stretch parts of you. I see how you feel you must always be "on", always going, always striving. Even I rested, and there is only good in Me. Allow yourself this rest as you receive the layers of what is happening in and around you." 

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