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Blooming Time

A red yucca that sits at the edge of our front yard has, for 5 years, shot up buds that never reached blooming. Yesterday as I went to check the mail, there they were- beautiful pink and yellow blooms! This happened only days after another plant which I thought had been dead shot up three new shoots. With this year already holding the passing of several prominant faith figures (both public and in my own life), I have also observed a new emergence of those assuming those mantles of faith and leadership. As I pondered this, God began to unpack it: "This is an APPOINTED time. This is the time I have POINTED to. This is a time of appointment to new positions. Words are beginning to come to pass that you have heard since 2012/2013. There are also several opportunities coming back around that may be similar to those you have encountered back then, and you will get a new chance at those appointments. I have taught you much since then. We've walked through so much together. I will always guide you on what to do and say, but you must follow through! You are the candle to My flame... You exist for Me, but I inhabit you. Just as Ezekiel had to speak and do as I commanded to raise the dead bones, so we will work together to bring new life to areas about to come into bloom!" 

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