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Building Up

On a long drive to a meeting, God began speaking to me on the road. I drove past fields shrouded in fog for hours. I could see what was immediately off the road, but beyond that was only fog. Mentally, this reflected much of what many have been experiencing. You have continued to press ahead dispite the fog, but it's hard to see any progress being made or get bearings on what's going on around you spiritually. You may have even wondered "am I still on track? Is this the right place?". A few days later, I took the same path back home. It was a sunny, cloudless day, and I kept checking and rechecking my route because everything, when illuminated, appeared SO DIFFERENT. While it had always been the same path- the correct path- below the surface, the fog had served as a distraction to make me wonder if I was where I needed to be and what was happening around me. If you're feeling this fog storm in the spirit- hold out a little longer! The fog is clearing! All that has been masked or has been attempting to steal (resources, confidence, health, etc) from you will be revealed! As I walked through a parking lot today I saw a small, green gem. As I picked it up to look at it, I felt God impress on me a reinforcement of the same message from days past. Raw gemstones look nothing like the sparkling beauties they contain. They have to be cut and polished to reveal what has always been underneath. There may be some "polishing" going on in lives now that is abrasive or uncomfortable, but it is to reveal what was always there beneath the surface! On the sunny drive home, fields that had just days before been grassy now burst into bloom with buttercups. You could barely see any green in the sea of flowers on either side of the road. The phrase made famous by the Foundations, "Build Me Up Buttercup", popped into my head. This is a time of BUILDING UP. Many have felt something big to be just around the corner, and it is for many! God is building up to what He has been working towards for some time in your life. He is also building up your foundations by speaking words of affirmation, encouragment, wisdom, and correction. As I looked across that floral sea, I heard God call out to the ENCOURAGERS. This is a call to encouragers! You will be given words to speak and supplies to give to build up others. You will also have others- even some you just met- sent to you for the purpose of your building up. Expect it to feel like a sudden change, a sudden awakening, and a sudden clarity. God is taking us THROUGH! 

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