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Sunrise Pictures

God put this on my heart for someone. "I always loved how you take pictures of the sunrise and sunset. That is so dear to My heart. I want you to know how much I SEE you. You have found yourself so busy and so consumed in life. You have been training hard, and it has been of great value, but there is also great value in simplicity. Take a step back with Me to simpler times. Let Me remind you why I am your first love and why nothing compares. Go back to the hope and child-like day-dreaming of your youth. I am on the path to fulfilling those dreams, and while it will sound like the words you have heard from Me all this time, it will not look a thing like you expect. It's time to start having confidence in who I made you to be. Confusion will pass as you remember whose you are and who you are. I made you with a unique design to best equip you for where I designed you to fit. I have placed all you need within you. Trust in My design." 

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