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You Are Not Forgotten

For someone today... "I can never let you go. Let that sink into your soul. I can never let you go. Not because I am unable, but because I am unwilling and Almighty. I have said I am the same yesterday, today, and forever. Time does not change my love. I will never forget you. I cannot because I am always by your side. From the day you were created into eternity. I will never want more from you than what I know I have created you to be. What I desire of and for you is not unreasonable nor unreachable. Remember, I know your capacity and ability because I designed it. I also know what could happen when you put that full capacity into motion, so I gently encourage you towards more. What do you think could ever take you off My mind? What do you think could cause Me to neglect you for one second? What do you think could cause Me to doubt My design for you? I will always be sure of you. I will always be confident that the design I created when I imagined you is GOOD. I do not revoke or regret your creation or calling. You must know that sometimes things fall short in this fallen world. It happens, but it does not change My power, My ability to redeem, nor My ability to work through you and your circumstances. I have not forgotten you, and I never will." 

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