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Return of Pleasantness

Someone God put on my heart... "You have literally or spiritually 'moved lands'. You have made sacrifices and followed My will and not your own. You have been so humbly obedient, even though you may not have always agreed or FELT like it. Since you have taken this new ground, you have become overshadowed with HEAVINESS. Sadness at your hardship. Losing hope slowly that it will change. Let Me take your face in My hands and remind you that THIS WAS NOT THE NATURE I CREATED YOU WITH. You were made to experience joy and to BE joy. This is not a land you dwell in but a work in your heart and mind. Let Me gently remind you in things all around you WHO I made you to be, and watch the return of pleasantness. The return of SWEETNESS. The return of taking joy in what you do and where you are. This redeeming work begins with My showing you how much I LOVE you. Let Me pour out My love on you, and watch how being rooted and grounded in love...rooted and grounded in ME... changes everything even without changing your circumstances!" 

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