Dig Deep

As I had my quiet time this morning I got this image of asking God questions as digging deeper into dirt. The wet soil was clumping and getting all over the knees and lap. Each question was like digging a big fistful into the soil and turning it over. ASK. To the asker it looks like a big hole. A big mess. An empty space devoid of answers, uglier than before. ASK. Without questions the clothes wouldn't be stained, hands wouldn't be dirty, yard would be seamless. The asker even wonders if it was worth delving into. THEN God, kneeling next to the asker in the mud...right there in the mess of the questions...puts a muddy hand on the asker's shoulder. He motions to step back from the hole. "Now", He says, "it's perfect for planting". ASK. In doing so you are tilling the soil for planting.  


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