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This was given to me in a dream last night. This is for someone today... "Trust in My timing. I will not let your blessings grow stale. I will not hold them for so long that they become less enjoyable by the time you receive them. I will not wait until your desire has waned so much that you barely even want your miracle anymore. There are things I have not resurrected BECAUSE though it seems good to you, the timing is not right. It would BURDEN you more than BLESS you. It would cause a turning around that would waste your time. You have been brought through so much already. I will not put you through more needlessly. Expect miracles. As radical as the dead being raised. But hold the timelines loosely, trusting that I LOVE YOU and will never withhold any good thing. If I am still holding it, the timing is not right yet. Half of the miraculous is WHAT I DO, the other half is the CONTEXT IN WHICH I DO IT." 

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