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To the Tired and Lonely

God says, “I am taking those who feel they have been abandoned. The one who feels that his or her name is ‘alone’, and I am tearing down the orphan spirit, revealing them for who they are and WHOSE they are. I am renaming you ‘resurrection’, and ‘one that will be reborn’.” “Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom.” Isaiah 40:28 “My understanding NO ONE can FATHOM. You can’t imagine how I am working. What I am preparing. There are things that you have laid down...things you’ve let go and given up and placed into My hands. You have done well in relinquishing these to Me, but now is the time of RESURRECTION for some of these things. Watch in the upcoming months for Me to be resurrecting and returning those things you gave up on in a way that you could not imagine or FORESEE. Like a tide in the spirit, there are things that were carried up with the spirit some time ago that are now coming back through this ‘spiritual tide’. Just like Isaiah 40:28, you can’t see these things coming. You can’t imagine how they will go. You may be in a spiritual draught, looking at a cloudless sky, wondering how rain could possibly come. There are some feeling like there is nothing more by your own power you can are waiting and watching. Feeling almost like you’re staring at a wall because everything is so unchanging.” This word “stare” is one I’ve been hearing in the spirit. Google defines stare as “a long fixed or vacant look”. Further breaking it down, something fixed is something “held inflexibly”. You have been looking at the spiritual ground in the same ways. God says, “There are NEW ways, My ways, that you haven’t considered because your mind can’t even grasp them. Hold your vision loosely. Let Me move in ways you aren’t expecting.” A “vacant” stare “has or shows no interest”, is “emotionless”. You may have been waiting so long you no longer feel any hope or excitement. Emotionally, you have settled in. To this God says, “Let Me stir your heart and wash away the dust of despair with the water of My Spirit...not by any effort of yours, but by simply saying yes to a fresh filling of passion!” 

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