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Indispensable Help

The name Benjamin has been highlighted with sudden frequency. Looking into Scripture, the tribe of Benjamin were descendents of Rachel and Jacob's youngest. His name at birth was Ben-Oni meaning "son of my PAIN", but his name was changed by his father to Benjamin, meaning “son of my RIGHT HAND". Someone needs to hear this from God today... that thing in your life is that the source of your pain is going to be REPURPOSED as your greatest help!! You think "how long will this be? Am I even running in the right direction?". You are closer than you know! In an instant, things will be flipped. The phrase "right hand man" comes to mind, which is commonly used for the most important helper and even defined by google to mean "an INDISPENSABLE HELPer". God is using (not causing) something uncomfortable or even painful by turning it around to become your help! What the enemy intended for pain will be REPURPOSED for help! This morning the Lord spoke a similar word..."I am turning your BURN into LEARN". God has been impressing on me that in order to understand what He is doing right now, we must step back from time. From a distance, watch your painful process become the indispensable help toward your destiny!! Benjamin was a SMALL tribe, but a favored one. I believe the Lord is speaking this over you right now: "About Benjamin he said: 'Let the beloved of the LORD rest secure in him, for he shields him all day long, and the one the LORD loves rests between his shoulders'." Deut. 33:12 NIV, or the NLT puts it this way: "Moses said this about the tribe of Benjamin: 'The people of Benjamin are loved by the LORD and live in safety beside him. He surrounds them continuously and preserves them from every harm'." Rest in this dear brothers and sisters- you are protected from harm, you are loved and surrounded, and your pain is being turned around to become your promotion!

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