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It’s the season of woodpeckers. Recently I see multiple of these red-headed beauties each day which seems like more than I typically notice each spring. The beautiful thing about woodpeckers is that they SEEK OUT areas of DISTURBANCE. Areas recently affected by fire, land that’s recently been CLEARED (God just recently spoke about clearing), or places where trees have died are just a few places they choose for their NESTING GROUND ( How beautifully unexpected. They seek for their place of BIRTHING new life the places that have just experienced disturbance. Google dictionary defines disturbance as “the interruption of a settled and peaceful condition.” Someone out there needs to hear this!! God is using the places in which you have had interruption in the peaceful, normal rhythm...the places that feel out of your comfort zone and chaotic and birth new things! This uncomfortable place that seems least suitable is perfectly suitable for growth! God is saying “leave harbor”. Harbors protect from harsh waters and waves, but they also are places of ANCHOR rather than places of progress. It may feel safe and comfortable because there are no big waves of disturbance, but God says, “I am your harbor! I am your safe refuge! Your harbor GOES WITH YOU! It is not a condition or set of circumstances, so let go and let them will remain safe in My protection”. Harbor can also be a verb which is used to mean “to keep” or “to hide”, usually in a negative context. What is your comfort zone HARBORING? Complacency? Bad feelings? Low faith? Low expectations? Let the waves of the spirit crash in to your harbor as you’re drawn out to places of more disturbance...disturbance not to shake you, but to allow the perfect conditions for growth! 

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