Way That’s True

A love note from God for someone...

“You ask for confirmation of what is true. I hear you, my child. My little royal one. You are a child of the king which makes you born to hold authority and bring order. This why you are set in a place of the wild things. You think because all feels so out of control that you are out of place, but you are set there because you carry the authority to speak it into order. I see you. In the middle of the chaos I see you asking if you’re really still on the right path. You think, ‘I won't talk, I won't breathe I won't move until I get confirmation’. Take a deep breath. Speak with authority. REST in assurance that you can continue moving ahead. As I do things on your behalf that you never could, you will finally see that you belong to Me and with Me. You might think I don't look or that I look and am unmoved emotionally by what is happening around you. But come and see deep inside My heart for you. Let Me illuminate even the darkest doubt by showing you every corner of my mind. I'm attached to you in a way that I cannot detach. I feel your pain and know your heart and mind. I am moved by what moves you. So trust Me. I'm intimately aware of your situation, but I am strong where you are weak. I hear you say, ‘I'm afraid to know the answer. I'm scared to know the ending.’ as if I have bad things in store for you. You wonder ‘Do you want this for me too?’. I want to do nothing but BLESS you. My heart keeps falling for you more each day. Things are about to move faster. You've waited all your life to cross over into what you’re about to come into. I am bent down drawing this map in the sand for you to follow, the lines changing and evolving as your world and heart does. I will not hide from you or hide My plans for you. It's time to try. I will do anything and everything with you. You don't know the power you have been given...what you do to shift the spiritual atmosphere every time you walk into the room because you carry Me. Know when you go out you’ll be drawing near to Me. I take you on the way that's true...” 


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