Increased Capacity

"I am giving you an INCREASED CAPACITY. Just as larger vehicles can carry more, I am enlarging you and your territory to be able to hold more! In this enlargement process, I see how you are suddenly aware of your NEEDS. So many things are needed...more finances, more opportunities, more connections, more of many things. Take comfort that I KNOW YOUR NEEDS EVEN BEFORE YOU DO. That I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU IN YOUR PLACE OF NEED. I DID NOT ENLARGE YOU TO LEAVE YOU EMPTY. You may FEEL more lack, but the heavenly truth is this feeling reflects all you are gaining...all the spiritual space you are moving into! I am sending provision. Just as ravens fed Elijah (1 kings 17), so flocks will be sent to meet your needs in unexpected ways. I will bring just what you need just when it is needed. Walk in expectancy as my much-loved child and leave uncertainty behind." 


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About January or February of this year I had a dream. It’s one that has stuck with me- especially given the events since that time. God has been bringing it to mind again as a word not only for some i

Embrace Your Grit

It seems this season the word "grit" has showed up everywhere, and it truly captures what God is doing. This word not only helps us adjust our vision to see and cooperate with the moves of the Holy Sp

2020 Vision Revisited

What the enemy has decreed for you will be turned back on him! In Numbers 22 paints a picture where Balak had sent for the prophet Balaam. Verse 5 (using the Amplified) shows his reason why: “There is

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