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Trust is the Key to Exodus

The Lord put this on my heart for someone today. Is it you or someone you know? “My child, I see how you have left it all behind. Now that you have stepped beyond those old ways, they will never satisfy you if you were to go back. Continue to press ahead, even though you see nothing ahead yet. All you see now may be wilderness and emptiness, but look back at my words and see what I do with those who start in the wilderness...those who start empty. You feel strong winds, and you fear a storm, but it’s not a storm coming but the winds of my spirit stirring your heart. There may feel like there are none or few on the road with you. You wonder how even with those I’ve put around you, you can still feel LONELY. But this too will be filled as you look to Me for satisfaction instead of looking back. In this chaotic time where darkness tries to mess up your sense of confidence and direction, you wonder what- if anything- you have authority over in your life. I answer that with a question; Am I the King of nothing? Then how much more are you, my child, the heir of everything! Watch the pain fade as you are reminded of why you are fighting and what you are fighting for. I am reaching my hands into your pockets and filling them with what you’ll need for the journey. I am placing keys that you will need on your key ring. Your longings and dreams and passions may feel overwhelming, but in the backwards logic of the kingdom, it is pressing INTO your heart (not pulling away from it) that PROTECTS you from wandering the wilderness endlessly. I have placed that drive in you to drive you out of your place of stuck-ness and keep you pressing on. Let those longing, dreams, and passions cross OVER your heart into being lived out in your life. You may not see what’s ahead yet, and you may not know the path, but STAY ON COURSE. Place one foot in front of the other. Even though the steps seem small, they keep you in line with the path I have set you on. TRUST is the key to your EXODUS. I will say it again, TRUST is the key to your EXODUS.” 

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