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Hear Me Now

The Lord put this love letter to His child on my heart this morning... "You are getting stronger, My child, through this. Don't forget all you're learning during these times of training once this season passes. You need the lessons I am teaching you for where I am taking you. What the enemy is using to press you and try to squeeze the life out of you, I am turning around to use to increase the flow of My Spirit in your life. Speak to Me frankly. Bring Me your questions and worries. Lay down the excuses, and accept my loving correction. I am teaching you so that you don't have to learn the hard way, so rejoice even in My redirection. Let Me show you how. Hear Me now. It's not easy. Believe in Me and believe Me for My goodness. The darkness all around you tries to scare, but it also makes the lights I use to guide you down your path even brighter. Hear My voice, and let those fears will fade away as I show you the brightness of where we are going..."

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