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Mantis Moment

As I drove yesterday I was watching new power lines being strung up all across town. These went in new directions, connecting new areas previously unconnected. The truck putting these up had the word MANTIS on the side. The origin of the word MANTIS is Greek meaning PROPHET. The Lord has been showing me LOST or UNFORMED connections being made by His power! DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF YOUR PRAYERS AND YOUR PROPHECY! Praying and speaking words of life over those that God brings to mind, those He puts on your heart, those you see in dreams, and new connections you are meeting will yield powerful changes in the supernatural and natural! Expect phones to ring, knocks on doors, letters in the mail as the power being poured out through your prayers and prophecy manifests in the natural in prodigal reunions and new alliances. Even if you have prayed for these people for years- keep praying! That Jericho moment of breakthrough could be now. There is the common phrase "it won't happen overnight", but I keep hearing the in spirit that there will be some 24 hour changes. All of a sudden it will seem like things are coming together. These things were not built overnight but have been in the making in the spirit for years. These sudden changes are pieces of the harvest! 

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